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Campus History


Vela Middle School will provide educational excellence for all students, cultivating college, career and workforce readiness, while providing students with choices for a meaningful and successful life.



Vela Middle School will become a system of world-class schools, where students develop the knowledge, skills and learning habits that prepare them for college and career success in the 21st Century.


Portrait of Judge Moises V. Vela

Judge Moises V. Vela

Our campus was named after the honorable Judge Moises V. Vela. He was a Cameron county judge and served as a Harlingen municipal judge for many years. Everyone on campus enjoyed his visits, which consist of a smile, hug and usually a joke. He was a generous man that always shared his passion for education with us.
Campus Highlights
Vela University is our campus mindset, philosophy, ideology that promotes a college going atmospher.

Vela Middle School implements a Grade Level Academic Team Concept centered on Student Academic Achievement, Professional Learning Communities, College/University Themes and Overall Student Success.

Vela Middle School has a climate and culture of creating, supporting and implementing innovative technology in classrooms, the library media service center and throughout the building.

Vela Middle School has a proud history of proven success in the area of Academics, Music Programs, Athletics and University Interscholastic League competition. Many of our students who continue on to high school, graduate in the top of their high school class.

Plaque commemorating the opening of Vela Middle School in 2004
Vela Middle School opened the doors to their first class of students in August 2005. The campus has not had any major renovations or repurposing.
Mascot: Panthers

Motto: Vela University, Going Above and Beyond!

Athletic Motto: Code Black

Colors: Black and Gold

Fight Song: MVMS Battle Cry (to "Victory March")


ROLL Panthers,

Roll all the way,
Vict’ry’s in store for us here today!

Send a Panther Roar on high,
Bring down the thunder from the sky!

Moises Vela standing tall,
RISE UP! Panthers above them all,

Black and Gold our banner leading,
VELA to victory!

Alma Mater: With Pride We Stand Together,

Loyal to the end.

We are Focused and Determined,

Moises Vela, Alma Mater,

How we cherish thee,

We’ll be true now and forever,